About Us

At South Grayson Special Utility District, our goal is to provide safe, clean, sparkling water to all of our residents!

South Grayson Special Utility District is a political subdivision organized under Chapter 49 and 65 of the Texas Water Code, organized under laws of the State of Texas and operates under a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity issued by the State.  The SUD operates under provisions of Chapter 49 and 65 of the Texas Water Code and applicable provisions of the Business Organization Code for the purpose of furnishing potable water utility service.  The water supply was incorporated in 1967 for the purpose of providing potable water to the rural area located in southeast Grayson County and northeast Collin County and converted to a Special Utility District on January 1, 2016

South Grayson Special Utility District produces its water from eleven water wells.  The SUD has no other source of water.

South Grayson SUD is governed under the laws of the State of Texas and other pertinent federal laws.  The SUD is operated in strict adherence to the rules and standards set by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  The water system is monitored on a continuing basis and inspected annually by TCEQ.  The system is maintained and operated by personnel licensed by the TCEQ.

The SUD is governed by a Board of Directors elected at general election.  The SUD has a seven member board, each director is elected for a three year term.  The board of directors are elected by the customers of the SUD.


Some facts and figures about your water district.

 Well Capacity:  Eleven Wells with a total capacity of 3,170 Galllons per Minute or 4,564,000 Gallons per Day

 Pumping Capacity:  2,000 Galllons per Minute
 Storage Capacity:  Total storage of 2,897,000 Gallons


Office Hours & Telephone

Office Hours

8:00 to 4:30 Monday thru Thursday 

Closes early on Friday

Telephone 903.482.6231 (Business Office)
903.482.9408 (24 Hour Emergency)
Postal Address 209 B. H. Cooke Lane
Van Alstyne, TX 75495
Physical Address 209 B. H. Cooke Lane
Van Alstyne, TX 75495
E-Mail sgsud@gcecisp.com